We can’t help but wonder how these two weren’t actually in love when filming. While we wish John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, nothing but the best in their marriage, that won’t stop us from reminiscing on our favorite couple in Hollywood history. 

They kept us waiting SO long for this moment, and you’re trying to tell me it was all just “acting”?!

He got it a week after they started dating … JIM, WHY DO YOU SET THE BAR SO HIGH?

Okay, The Office US YouTube channel really did this just for us. A compilation of the best moments, all the way through!

We could watch these videos for days, but no amount of scenes will change the fact that Jim has been happily in a relationship with Emily Blunt since Jim and Pam’s notorious wedding episode.

No one is judging you for holding onto what could have been with Jim and Pam. In fact, we are all in this together.

Happy 8 years or whatever, John and Emily. I’m not bitter, you’re bitter.

Taylor Helson – High Point University

Digital Content Intern – Charlotte, NC