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These tricks help make water drinking less of a hassle.

  1. Add Flavor to your Water

Water can get a little boring after awhile and it can become agonizing when every cup is tasteless. Add a bit of flavor by putting some fresh fruit(strawberry, lemon), veggie slices(cucumber, celery) and herbs(basil and mint) to your clear desire.

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2. Sip Before Every Meal

When your at a restaurant and the waiter is coming around always request water. Drinking a full cup of water before each meal can curb your calorie intake because it causes you to become full.

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3. Dilute Sugary Drinks with Water and Ice

If drinking sugary drinking is a daily habit then watering down your sips with a little water and a handful of ice gives you satisfaction while also giving your body the daily dose of water it needs.

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4.Keep a Gallon of Water Nearby

Keep a gallon of water on your desk or near your bed as a constant reminder to keep drinking it. Try writing inspiration quotes and reminders all around your bottle as well.

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5. Invest in a Filter

Filtered water taste way better than taste and some water bottles that are sold in grocery stores. So, invest in a kitchen sink filter or a portable one.

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6. Eat Water Rich Foods

Add fruits and vegetables that are high in water content to your grocery list. Some top pick are Cucumbers, Zucchini, Watermelon and Grapefruit.

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Remember to drink more water everyday and stay hydrated because it is hot!