During my time as the Digital Content Intern, I have learned more than I ever thought possible in just seven short weeks. The Charlotte team at Beasley Media Group has helped me, not just survive, but enjoy my time as an intern. To conclude my time here, I wanted to give viewers a chance to see a glimpse of all of the moving parts behind what they see on the websites or hear on the stations.
Anyone who has watched any or all episodes of The Office (US) would probably attest to wanting to be a fly on the wall, just to witness the hilarious scenarios that occur due to the diverse personalities in the office. I think, just maybe, the same will apply to this office after getting a brief look at what it’s like to work here. I broke each person that I got to work with down in a way that others will easily understand.

Without further ado, here is the Beasley crew as characters of The Office. 

  • Michael Scott: Alexis Zarycki, Digital Content Manager 

Having spent a majority of my time with her, I was easily able to identify Alexis with the one and only, Michael Scott. These two provide constant entertainment and laughter to whoever is around to listen, and if no one is around, they’re probably laughing at themselves. They are both extroverted, natural leaders who provide necessary comic relief to any, otherwise, dull day in the cubicle. Alexis has inspired me to never lose my work-play balance, just as Michael Scott loves to bring the two together. Alexis has everything from Michael’s hilarious comments and outbursts to his admiration for his job. The only thing missing is the “World’s Best Boss” mug on Alexis’ desk, which certainly holds true to its title.

  • Erin Hannon: Mark Borja, Videographer

Mark’s happy-go-lucky attitude reminds me a lot of Erin. These two care a lot about others and have super outgoing personalities. They both greet everyone with a smile and treat them with kindness. While it is apart of Erin’s job to keep sweet treats on the reception desk, Mark contributes similar snacks in his office. In fact, he keeps file cabinets stocked with chips, fresh fruits, cookies, and crackers… but you didn’t hear that from me.


  • Jan Levinson: Melany Myers, Morning and Afternoon On-Air Personality for WKQC, K104.7 and 94.7 Smoke

It is hard to come across another quite like Mel, but if I had to pinpoint a specific character, she would match up the most with Jan. Jan and Mel both project strong personalities, and while that might be a bad thing in Jan’s case, it makes Mel all the more entertaining to be around and listen to. Neither of these women would hold back during an argument and being brutally honest and blunt is no challenge for them. Neither Mel, nor Jan would back away from a fight, but that’s why we have Phil! Phil just knows just how to deal with whatever Mel has to throw his way. Getting caught in Mel’s crossfire is never a fear of his. In fact, I think he might just be able to extinguish it at times! Mel and Jan are both extremely ambitious and can easily engage and entertain others.

  • Kelly Kapoor: Phil Harris, Morning On-Air Personality for WKQC, K104.7

Kelly and Phil are both extremely fun, social, and filled with passion. They are both, more often than not, in a good mood and ready to have a good time. Just like Kelly found her love, Ryan, at work, Phil found his wife at work years ago. While Phil may not be as ditsy as Kelly, he is just as hilarious and entertaining to be around.

  • Dwight Schrute: Paul Sebring, Videographer, Multimedia Designer

Dwight and Paul are both creative and a little obsessed with logic. Dwight is always looking for ways to start new businesses to make money, just as Paul constantly looks for subjects and new ideas to shoot pictures of. Dwight isn’t fond of the office parties that Michael loves so much, and I feel like Paul would not be too impressed with an office party here, either.

  • Darryl Philbin: Jack Daniel, Midday On-Air Personality for 94.7 Smoke 

It is hard to come across Jack Daniel in general. I found him to be a lot like Darryl’s character just because you see him on occasions, just randomly popping in. From the few encounters that I have had with Jack Daniel, I can tell that he is very laid back and works quietly, but hard.

  • Phyllis Vance: Chele Fassig, Marketing Events & Promotional Director 

Phyllis and Chele are both social and warm, even though they both tend to get a little sassy every now and then. Phyllis enjoys planning and organizing parties around the office, which is technically Chele’s job! Chele coordinates all of the minor details in order to put on incredible events by Beasley stations in the Charlotte area.

  • Jim Halpert: Cameron Moore, Midday On-Air Personality for Kiss 95.1

Cameron is quick to proclaim her love for John Krasinski, AKA Jim Halpert, and oddly enough, I feel the two are a lot alike. Strange coincidence? Maybe. Cameron and Jim are both perfect personalities to have around the workplace. They are low-drama, loyal, dedicated, and they always make themselves available to cheer others up.

  • Andy Bernard: Nick Rowlett, Multimedia Designer

Nick’s spontaneity and quick wit remind me a lot of Andy Bernard. These two are the perfect entertainers to have at work. Nick and Andy are always prepared with a couple jokes when they walk into the office, just to set the day off in the right direction. These two keep things fun and upbeat around the office and they aren’t afraid to lay all of their weirdness out there. We wouldn’t have Nick or Andy any other way.

  • Angela Martin: Colin Hazelton, Multimedia Designer

I felt like Colin might have a little bit of Angela in him, mostly because his facial expression remains vague and no one really knows if he is having a great day or if he is ready to blow a cap. Sadly, I don’t exactly know how Colin feels about cats and if he can relate to Angela in that sense. These two, however, are similar in the way that they show integrity in their work and do things by the book.

  • Oscar Martinez: Daylon Scott, Multimedia Designer 

Daylon and Oscar both take their jobs seriously and like to do well at work. They are dedicated and hold logic and reason as core values in the workplace. Oscar is known for correcting others with his unsolicited “actually” statements, and I feel like Daylon is always prepared to throw an objection at anyone.

Taylor Helson – High Point University

Digital Content Intern – Charlotte, NC