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Wow, an hour for Pharrell and Quavo can be pretty magical!

During the same hour in the studio, Pharrell and Quavo worked on “Apesh*t” and “Stir Fry,” according to Quavo’s interview with Billboard.

“I was in the lab with Pharrell. I actually made “Apeshit” and “Stir Fry” in the same day and hour. I made “Stir Fry” first, then right after that he pulled up another beat and we made “Apeshit.” I left both records and he sent me “Stir Fry.” I told him I was going to use that for the album. I totally forgot about “Apeshit” — I just forgot about it. I knew he was going to do something with it and then he called me one day saying, “It’s out of here” and it definitely was.”


The fact that both songs became hits is insane, as sometimes you make tons of tracks, and 10 get chosen, and for one of them to be chosen by Beyonce and Jay-Z to use, that’s gotta feel good for Quavo, being such a newcomer to the mainstream scene.


Nice job, fellas! (Waiting now for ‘Saturday Night Live’ to do a 1-hour photo skit, but it be 2 guys posing as Quavo and Pharrell doing “1-Hour Beatz”)