Weekdays 10:00AM - 3:00PM

As I sit here on my last day, I reflect on everything I have done here at Beasley Media. On my first day I was nervous but confident that I was going to show everybody in here my craft. I told the Production Director that I’m not here to pick up coffee and lunch everyday but I am here to learn everything from ground up. I already DJ so I know how to mix but I needed to learn what songs to play during a radio mix-show. But I felt like I needed to learn everything just so I can see where are my weaknesses in this business so I can fix and grow with it .

I wanted to learn about On-Air-Talent which Ms.Vonyetta from Power 98  and Fly Ty from our sister station at V101.9 showed me everything on how to program live and voice track. I thought it was going to be easy because I  just thought that all you have to do is read a piece of paper and you’re done. I just did my first air check and it took me a while to get it the right way. I kept practicing on speaking to the mic and I feel more confident on using it

Mr. Incognito showed me what it’s like to work as a Music Director. Every time a new song comes out or a song we need for both V101.9 and Power 98, I would go to a production room and would log all the songs. It took me a while to get it right because I’m brand new to it, but I definitely got the hang of it.

Rham who is the Production Director, showed me what it is like to create a commercial or a drop. I definitely underestimated productions because I thought you can just read a piece of paper and then you’re done. Well he told me to give it a try and gave me a script. After a solid hour and a half later, I started to show more respect to productions because it was not easy. It felt good though to hear my voice on the radio.

These past two months have been amazing for me and I will never forget these moments. I will always keep the memories inside and outside of the station too. From events with the street team, to having a good time and laughter in the studio. I will always use the advice everybody has given me. The environment here was like family and hopefully after I’m done with school, I can continue to be apart of that family. Thank you to: Vonyetta, Fly Ty, Burpie, Tone-X, Rham and Jacinda.

-LB Martinez