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Rule #1

Prepare to Succeed!

College will require way more studying and reading. Your nights will be full of studying and preparation for quizzes, test and most importantly your final. Make sure you work on your technical skills which will help you complete projects and task faster.

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Rule #2

Get Organized!

With all of your extra curriculum activities and obligations you will have to work on your time management and organizational skills. Buy a planner, take notes on a paper and put it somewhere noticeable, or use sticky notes.

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Rule #3

Build Trust!

It is very important to build strong and trustful relationships with your professor from the beginning. You can do this long before school starts just by sending a email or setting up a meeting.

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Rule #4

Get Around and Get Involved!

Make sure you explore both your campus and the city you are in. Don’t lock yourself in the dorm! Go mingle with other students on campus. Use this as an advantage to meet people and develop communication skill.


Rule #5

Stay Focused!

Don’t lose your focus on classes and studying! These are your top priorities. If you want to go to a party at 11:00pm and that paper is due at 11:59pm…….go do that paper boo. You will thank me!


Have a great year!


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