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Just as I thought, Machine Gun Kelly just wasn’t enough for Slim Shady.

Mr. Porter says according to Hot New Hip Hop that Eminem is actually waiting for more people to respond, and then he’s looking to take them out all in one track.

Comparing Em to Thanos from ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ it seems like he’d rather just finger snap everyone at one time and see who lives. I think that’s a great strategy, honestly, because A. then it doesn’t turn intoDrake/Meek Mill going back and forth, B. Giving more disses to Eminem to respond to will fuel his fire, and C. If everyone’s too chicken to respond, MGK doesn’t get to feel special for getting a diss response from the King of Strong Style Rapping.

“We doin’ something else right now but trust me, we’ll get to it.” Mr. Porter is quoted saying, “I’ll tell you this. I wouldn’t want to be [MGK]. Like it’s great that you took the opportunity and you did that. Hey, kudos to you, good for you.”