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After watching BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story”, here is what we know about Whitney Houston

So we know Whitney struggled with drug addiction.  We learn from the Bobby Brown story that they both were domestically violent.  As we dig deeper, we find out that Whitney Houston was dealing with some childhood issues that ultimately lead to her drug addiction.  In the Whitney Houston biopic, she made a shocking claim that she was molested as a child by Dee Dee Warwick, her cousin, and Dionne Warwick’s sister.  That’s right the famous Dionne Warwick.  Whitney’s mom later decided to go on record and break her silence to “PEOPLE magazine” about the painful allegations.

As far as Robyn Crawford.  Was she a good friend or a GOOOOOD friend?  Whitney expressed that after her parent’s divorce, she left her mom Cissy Houston’s home and moved in with Robyn when she was 18.  Do you think Whitney was bisexual?  According to an ex-boyfriend, he said he would see Robyn and Whitney hold hand in the limo on several occasions.  But that’s typical women who are good friends.  It was later revealed that they were in fact romantically involved as teens but as fame grew, their relationship faded.