How Do You Cuddle?

The way you and your partner cuddle says a lot about the relationship you all share. Relationship expert Jane Greer says it speaks to how you go to each other for support. According to Woman’s Health which shows eight different ways to be cuddled, each one of them apparently means something different.

According to Greer:

  • Spooning means you see each other as eye to eye and often might find these cuddlers dressing alike.
  • The head on chest method tends to show that one person feels very safe and secure in there partner’s arms.
  • Back to back normally means each partner is comfortable apart and mindful of each others space but is still there for each other.
  • Leg Entwined is another form of cuddling which shows partners normally crave for connection but also have their own space.
  • Face to Face is also a very common form of cuddling. Couples who sleep face to face normally don’t want to miss anything and are normally deep in love and really into each other. These couples often are found sharing things of their own a lot.
  • Armed draped across your back is practically just what it sounds like. According to Greer this simply is meant that the couple has each other’s back.
  • If you sleep on opposite sides it means that you and your SO are confident in your relationship and don’t require a shared space.
  • Lastly, if you hold hands while sleeping it just means you have a feeling of wanting to hold on to each other and it makes you feel secure.

What type of cuddling do you and your partner do the most? Is it true of what it means for your relationship?

Source: Women’s Health

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