The New Year is like the spring rebirth of failed attempts, unfulfilled promises and the resurrection of last year’s goals that never quite rendered much success.

It’s no wonder why only 8 percent of resolvers actually achieve their resolutions while most of us tend to be more faithful to the tradition. Therefore, forget about this American ritual and start 2019 with a theme. Beginning the year with a purpose.

  • Don’t focus on life’s problems of yesteryear. Concentrate on how you can bring bliss into your life and in what ways it can benefit you the most.
  • Give more of your time, charity, patience, optimism, inspiration, smiles, laughter, hugs, compliments— whatever it may be—and you’ll find yourself affecting the lives of others in the most meaningful way throughout the year
  • Let 2019 be the year to conjure up the muse of imagination and dream bigger than ever before. Don’t let another moment pursuing your passions pass by. Take action and do it. Create, connect and network with the right people to get your dreams off the ground.