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What is your favorite playlist for the top rap songs of 2018?

The greatest rapper alive JAY-Z shared the tracks that he thought was the hardest of 2018. Jay shared his top 20 records in a playlist titled ‘JAY-Z’s’ year-end picks.

He included Pusha T’s “If you know you know,” along with Rich The Kids “Plug Walk” and Gunna  and Lil Baby’s “Drip to hard.”

He showed Kanye some love too. Giving him a nod for his kids See Ghosts’ “Freeee (Ghost Town, PT. 2)” and Nas’ “Cops Shot the Kid,” tracks that Kanye both produced and featured on.

It was a threepeat for Drake who scored spots on Jay’s top 20 for “Emotionless,” “SICKO MODE” and “That’s How You Feel.”