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Changing your look could be fun from dying your hair or wearing less makeup so try it out…

Try a New Hairstyle

Change your hair color for a new look. Get highlights or lowlights, dye your hair a fun color, or anything that excites you!!

  • Pay attention to your skin tone
  • Visit a professional
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Get a Haircut

You can go from long straight hair to a pixie cut, get a bang or choose from dozens of styles. Try choosing a style that flatters your face.

  • Don’t get anything too drastic
  • Try on a wing
  • Go to a professional!!
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Update Your Wardrobe

Choose clothes that best suit your body shape. Try highlighting certain areas of your body by placing detailing there.

  • Acquire neutral looking clothing
  • Invest in shoes
  • Do your research
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Revamp Your Makeup Routine

Watch Youtube videos on how to do your own makeup styles. If your more of a hands-on person then go get a makeover by a professional so that you can get help with your new look.

  • Find a pretty lip color
  • Learn how to do your eyeliner and eyebrows
  • Start wearing less makeup
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Whatever you decide to do honey you will succeed!!