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IRS Will Not Be Issuing Tax Refunds!!!

There may be a huge issue upon us as the IRS will not issue refunds during the government shutdown!!

Because of the shutdown, IRS lacks funding and if the issue is not resolved in a few weeks, then not refunds will be issued.

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TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne ____________________________ #Roommates, we may have a huge issue on our hands if the government shutdown continues into tax season. We all know what time it is, time to get that tax shmoneyyyy after a long year of working! But there may be a plot twist and doesn’t look to be in our favor #Roommates! _______________________________ Ironically, because of the shutdown, the IRS now lacks funding and under the shutdown plan, is only operating with about 1 in 8 employees (12.5%) according to @wsj. Apparently, during the shutdown the IRS doesn’t perform audits, respond to questions outside of filing season or process refunds. ______________________________ The good news is, if the shutdown is resolved in a few weeks, then all of this will have little effect on our #taxrefunds. The bad news is, lawmakers have made very little progress on movement towards—read more at theshaderoom.com (????: @gettyimages)

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