By DUSAN ZIDAR/Shutterstock

Woman Uses Asparagus to Predict Future for 2019

I wonder if she eats them after she's done...

Just when you thought 2019 was going to be insane. This happens.

A British woman named Jemima Packington, calls herself the world's only "Asparamancer." She claims, that she can see into the future by looking at piles of asparagus. Yes, asparagus. How does it all work? Well, Jemima Packington throws asparagus spears into the air and interprets the future on how they land.

So now you are probably wondering, what is there to expect for 2019? Well, some of here predictions include an ‘A Star is Born’ winning an Oscar, the Trade War between China and the US will end but there will be a recession in the US that will affect us all and extremes of temperature become the norm.

In the past, she has correctly predicted Brexit, Trump's presidential win and Macron's election success in France. You can see more HERE. How wonderful our 2019 is looking!



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