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The right beard can transform you into a new man. It just takes the right methods to get there!

  1. You’ll need to evaluate and closely examine your facial hair.

Before starting the process, you must first know yourself. What kind of hair do you have? Whats the texture, thickness, strength, etc. While letting your beard grow, make sure your taking a mental note on how short your beard can be before you can start seeing patches. Doing this will determine  what style beard you want.

If your not sure, ask for a barbers advice. Your barber will be able to break the information down and give you a excellent consultation.

2. Learn how to properly take care of your beard.

Make sure you have the proper tools to maintain your beard. Whether its beard oil or an electric razor, there are certain types of tools your need to make your beard growing experience successful.

No matter what type of hair you have, a pair of adjustable clippers will help you trim and shape your beard the way you want it.

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3. Develop A Routine.

So, you got the easy step down packed, now you can stick with what you discovered and make it a routine. Establishing a routine will help your hair flourish.

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4. It takes patience.

Patience is the key and once you’ve gotten in the grove of your routine patience is all that’s left. You can’t expect results overnight. It may take months to get your beard to flourish, but once that day comes you’ll be the happiest person alive!

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Happy Beard Growing!!!!