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The polar vortex is making parts of the United States extremely cold, colder than Antarctica! Here are 3 survival tips. 

Bundle up and wear lots of layers!

Layers are key to staying warm in extremely cold temperatures. Where a thermal based layer so that the moisture on your body is drawn away. You don’t want to expose your sweat in cold temperatures because it will make you even colder and can get you sick.

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Just accept the fact that it’s cold

Yes we know it’s cold, so why continue to say it. Your mindset always plays a huge role in you handling the cold. Instead of thinking cold thoughts, think warm thoughts. Planning ahead to make sure you have the proper protection when you go outdoors help tremendously as well.

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Know your limits!

Understanding your limits when it comes to being too cold is very important. Don’t let your body get to a point where you can’t take the cold anymore to get inside to warmth. Don’t go start up the car in the morning without bundling up or don’t “run” to the mailbox for “a second”. Your body and health is very important so do not step outside without bundling up.

Bundle up loves!!!