In honor of Black History Month, we shine a spotlight on a woman in Charlotte, N.C. working to decrease the stigma around mental health. This week we celebrate Alicia Tetteh and her app she has developed to help the community, Attune.

Tetteh is a local therapist and has her own practice in the area for outpatient therapy, Building Endurance PLLC. While working as a mental health therapist in Charlotte, N.C., Alicia will often times have friends, family, and sometimes strangers from other states reach out to her to get her professional opinion or her help to find themselves a therapist. While helping so many people, she began to wonder how easy it would be if people could have access to mental health services at their fingertips. In that instance, the birth of Attune had arrived.

The Attune App is a free mobile app that allows people to be able to match with a therapist that fits their needs in minutes. You can connect and set up an appointment within minutes to meet with a specialist nearby. Providers can also see clients and meet them where they may be or make a referral if necessary. The app is available in Google Play and Apple App Store and is meant for everyone.

Not only does Alicia continue her work as a local therapist and work to improve and inspire with her app, she also teaches part time in both the Master’s and Bachelor’s of Social Work program at Simmon’s College, University of North Carolina Charlotte, and Winthrop University. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Soroity Incorporated, has been recognized for 30 under 30 by the Black Chamber of Commerce in 2017, and is a board member at Present Age Ministries. She is also a mother to newly born twins and hopes to continue to build a foundation for her own family.

Alicia walks firmly in her faith and believes in the power of change and hopes to continue to be that change in our community.

Learn more about Attune: Website, Facebook, and Instagram

Alicia Tetteh

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