Secrets are fun if you share them with everyone! 

We are suckers for unique foods that are far from the average things you purchase at your local grocery store. Trader Joe’s is one of the few places where hidden delicious gems reside and we’ve curated a few on a list below just for you. From a snack called Crunchy curls to mini icecreams, there is a whole bunch of tasty treats you never knew of.

Crunchy Curls: A tasty lentil potato snack.
Cold Brew Coffee Bags: We know you love your coffee. Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Bags make crafting the perfect cold brew an absolute cinch. See more here!
Speculoos Cookie Butter: Gingerbread lovers are going to go nuts over this!
Mini Hold The Cone! Ice Cream Cones: These are the cutest!

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