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Some words were said, but some words were also not said.

A couple sources has blamed Amanda Seales for saying former NFL player, now neurosurgeon Myron Rolle had sexually harassed her.  Seales went to twitter to clear the air about the rumors.  Seales said she did not say this but she did say “he has problematic behavior”.

Rolle also took to his IG to say that these women are lying because he didn’t give them a chance at love.   “I understand that in today’s world the responsibility falls on the ‘accused’ to prove themselves innocent, as opposed to ones alleged ‘accuser’ having’ to prove their claims before going public,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, I have found myself victim to these very circumstances”.  “Let me make myself perfectly clear,” he continued. “These accusations are absolutely false and should be characterized as exactly what they are — acts of bullying, intimidation and retaliation.”

Are women starting to take advantage of the “SYSTEM”.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.