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Do you think it’s worth your money?

Regal Cinemas at Stonecrest is bringing a new experience to some of your favorite movies: 4DX. If you’re wondering what this means for moviegoers like you, it’s exactly what it sounds like.
Complete with vibrating chairs, mist and blasts of air that make you feel like you’re moving, this new experience is a beta for Regal Cinemas. This exclusive experience has been compared to 4D attractions at amusement parks such as Carowinds and Universal Studios.
A 4DX ticket at Regal Cinemas are currently going for $23.50, for adults and, $20.35 for kids; Throw in some popcorn, drinks, and your family of four may well over $100 movie experience.
Captain Marvel is currently the only movie that comes with the 4DX option. However, upcoming movies such as Avengers: End Game, Aladdin, and Godzilla: King of Monsters is set to release 4Dx versions of their respective film later this year.


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