If your child has that “star” quality, they could be the new “Mikey” in a Life cereal commercial. 

If you have an adorable child that’s between the ages of four to eight, they could star in a new commercial for Life cereal. If you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, then you are familiar with Mikey. And according to a spokesperson for Quaker, Life is “on a quest to find the next face to include in an upcoming ad for its beloved cereal.”

To enter the contest, parents can visit five Walmart locations: Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Orlando for a live casting event. If you’re not able to visit one of the events, you can enter a video of your child online.

Entries will be accepted until April 27, 2019. You can find out all the info on how to enter your child here.  Just make sure they really like Life cereal!

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