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It’s nothing more exciting than seeing anew game system being dropped.

Sony has confirmed the existence of the PS5.  In an article by Wired US,  they revealed not only the expected release date of the PlayStation 5 but also a few key features that we can expect to see when the console launches.

First and foremost: the PS5 will launch in 2020.  The new console will support ray-tracing technology, which marks a necessary step-up in console graphical capabilities.   The PS5 will be the first PlayStation console to offer solid-state storage, meaning super speedy loading times.

In 2018, it’s been officially declared that the PS4 has reached the end of its lifespan – which of course means that there’s a new console on the way.

But hold on, the next Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, will purportedly hit stores at some point in the year 2020, which means Sony could beat its biggest competitor by a full year.

Are you ready for the PS5 Madness?