Don’t go debit.

North Carolina is raising awareness about hidden devices in gas pumps that can steal your information.

It takes a second to swipe your card and it only takes a second more for a skimmer to steal your card info.

In the last year, state inspectors have seen a huge increase in the number of card skimming devices. In 2018, state inspectors discovered 37 skimmers statewide. This year they’ve already found 23 skimmers.

Right now, Johnston County is being hit hard by crooks planting skimmers in gas pumps.

“We found 15 skimmers in various different Johnston County locations and some of the locations got hit twice,” said Parker. “After we removed the first device, the crooks placed in another device.”

In the past, experts advised people to pay inside and not at the pump to avoid getting card information stolen.

A lot of folks find that inconvenient so, if you do use your card at the pump Parker says you should never use the debit function.

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