Hey, you can’t put granny in the Big House!

A North Carolina great-grandmother after she was taken into custody at Disney for possessing CBD oil.

Hester Jordan Burkhalter was arrested at a Disney World checkpoint in Orlando on April 15 because they said she had “illegal narcotics believed to be THC oil” in her purse.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that granny wouldn’t tell them whether her item labeled “Select CBD” contained THC, or the stuff that gets you high!

The arresting officer said “I tested the substance … using a Marijuana presumptive drug test kit; the kit turned Red, indicating a presumptive positive result for the presence of THC.”

She was arrested for possession of Hashish and released on $2,000 bail.

She says she was prescribed the CBD oil by her North Carolina doctor.

Prosecutors eventually the dropped charges.

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