HULL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 18: The original original gramophone sits on the back seat of a 1932 Humber owned by Edward and Wallis Simpson, as it awaits restoration by potato merchant Allan Marshall who has a collection of 26 Humber cars on August 18, 2010 in Hull, England. Allan Marshall has a collection of 26 Humber cars, many with royal and government histories. One of the rarest is the one built for Edward and Wallis Simpson in 1932 with blacked out windows for privacy and still has a gramophone and picnic basket used by the controversial royal couple. Mr Marshall owns six Humbers with royal connections including one built for King George VI and the Queen Mother. The vehicles were all hand built by coach builders Thrupp and Maberly in Coventry for the Humber company founded by Thomas Humber. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Vinyl never felt so good.

If you love a good record (which many of us do) then you may want to venture to Hickory to this new spot.

Crate Diggers Vinyl and More just opened up at 256 Union Square NW. The store is located up the staircase inside of Bottega: A Soulful Place.

This is the first record shop in Hickory for over a decade. If you find a good record, let us know! You can learn more about the store here.

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