Ready to boost your positivity ratio? Here are 3 ways to increase positive emotions in everyday life:

1. Identify and track your positive emotions.

Name the positive emotions you’re already familiar with, the onesyou’ve experienced in your daily life. Make a list. Add new emotions as you notice them. Now look at your list. Think about (and write down) which activities, situations, or people are involved when you tend to feel each emotion. Tracking positive emotions helps us be more aware of the positive feelings we already experience, and the situations or activities that bring them.

2. Focus on a specific positive emotion and act to increase it.

Identify a positive emotion you want to increase. Let’s say you want to feel more joy. Think of situations or activities you’ve experienced that made you aware of your joy. Write down as many as you can.
Focus on small, simple things, like a song that makes you feel joyful whenever you hear it. Any time you notice you’re feeling joy, consider adding that situation or activity to your list. Commit to one or more daily actions that will increase the feeling you want more of in your life. Make time for these experiences. Think of them as the emotional equivalent of your “5 a day” fruits and vegetables — they’re good for your emotional health!

3. Use a positivity treasure chest to give yourself a boost.

Collect things that remind you of positive emotional moments in your life. For example:

– photos or other souvenirs of great times
– awards that remind you of an accomplishment
– cards or notes from special people in your life
– favorite inspirational quotes or song lyrics
– childhood mementos
– something you made or drew
– a gift someone gave you
– a photo of someone you look up to

As you work on increasing your positive emotions, you might notice that you feel happier, more accomplished, and more energetic. A small daily investment of focusing on the positive pays off with big
lifetime rewards.