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Mscan/Uganda/Techpoint Africa

There’s a group of students and friends building a portable ultrasound machine company for remote places in Uganda.

In Uganda there isn’t many areas with electricity or transportation to the health centers and hospitals. There are being used in private hospitals right now.

The 4 Friends all have different jobs & careers that they go to everyday besides working on pushing the MScan Ultrasound Machine. The Device was mad through experience and knowledge throughout their college careers. Phyliss Kyomuhendo, Director & Co-Founder of MScan Uganda, has seen traumatic events like women dying at childbirth because they wasn’t receiving the correct care during the pregancy & delivery.

She says she knew she could have helped those women that died. Her knowing made her want to make solution that is gradually growing in East Africa.

The company has received awards & money from the United Nations & other organizations to fund their MScan Ultra Machine. Their goal is to get at least one MScan machine in each health care location and hospital in East Africa.