Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

The Boondocks Is Officially Returning With Aaron McGruder, Thanks To Sony.

After stepping away from the animated show for the fourth season, “The Boondocks” will officially return with its original creator, Aaron McGruder.

With everything that’s been going on in pop culture and politics, it seems like now would be a better time than ever to bring back The Boondocks. As we previously reported, John Witherspoon who famously voices Granddad Freeman announced that the show would be making its return.

Although nothing was formally announced at the time, Sony Pictures Animation announced that they’ll be bringing the show back with its original showrunner, Aaron McGruder.

Variety reported that Sony Pictures Animation announced a slew of new projects they have on the way including a Boondocks “reimagining” which is set to arrive in 2020. As Complex pointed out, Sony handled production for every season of The Boondocks with exception of the fourth season which was also created without Aaron McGruder. The plot is reportedly going to be an updated version of the original show while reflecting the current political landscape.