382643 42: "Butthead" accepted the award for "Best Booty Shake" on behalf of Ricky Martin at the "My VH1 Music Awards" November 30, 2000 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Liaison)

In Russia they do some pretty interesting things, some you will not believe its true but these events actually happen.

Calling it now: in the next ten years, this will become an Olympic sport. Place your bets!

Russia’s newest competition is Booty Slapping! It’s exactly what you think it is but if you need an explanation…it involves female competitors spanking each other as hard as possible. The end goal? To make the person you’re spanking have to take a step forward.

This is the first-ever championship of it’s kind and Siberia, Russia can now call it their own!

This contest was inspired by a slapping championship that took place in Siberia last March, where the goal is for men slap each other as hard as you can until the competitor falls over or gets knocked out.

As much of this sounds like one big kinky festival we should let you know that the women were fully clothed during the competition and the majority of the women who competed are in the fitness world.

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