Ever been at a party and you are like, “Man I wish I had a Tic Tac right about now.”

The next time you get all dressed up for an event you could be sporting a pair of Tic Tac “luxury cufflinks” to make your outfit for the evening that much better than everyone else. Tic Tac has created a pair of luxury cufflinks that actually hold a total of four Tic Tac minis that “can keep your style just as fresh as your breath all day long.”

And guess what? THERE IS A CONTEST! Starting Sunday you can go to Tic Tac’s Instagram page and get the Tic Tac GIF.

After that, you just have to pose with the GIF in your IG stories and tag your post with @TicTacUSA or @TicTacCanada to win. So cool!

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