(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Facebook’s new Study app pays users for their data.

Facebook is still running strong and coming up with new ways to keep users engaged.

On Tuesday, Facebook announced a new app that will let the company collect data on how people use their smartphones in exchange for money.  The new app is called Study, and it is designed to give Facebook data on what apps participants install, how much time they spend on those apps, what features they use on those apps, what country they’re in, and type of device and network they’re using.

In 2013 Facebook created an app called “Onavo”, similar to Study but was pulled from the app store in 2018 after Apple reportedly told the company that it violated rules then-new rules about user privacy.

Facebook says the new app, Study, will not collect data on user IDs, passwords, photos, videos or messages, and that it will not sell the data it collects or use it to target ads. The data will be used to help the company build better products, the company said in a blog post.