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Let’s beat the summer heat…..

Smelling great throughout the summer isn’t hard at all. In fact, people make it seem like being hot has anything to do with smelling great. It’s all about hygiene and routine, let me explain something to you….

Start In The Shower

To keep a scent fresh at least 9-5, your day should begin in the shower. Try using a gentle fragrance soap. Like Dove or Axe. Don’t over due it on the scrubbing. Try using a puff or a washcloth.

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Layer Your Fragrance

Finding the matching body lotion to your perfume will also intensify its smell. Or, you can keep it simple and layer on a body lotion which has one rich note to give the scent longevity.

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Butter Them Pits

Feeling iffy about your smell and undefined odor is enough to make you sweat. But innovative deodorants provided in stores all over the United States make it easier than ever to stay dry and fresh.

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Sit Down

Yes I’m talking to you Uncle Mike. You’ve been sweating for about an hour now, it’s time to sit it on down. If your feeling yucky and sweaty to the point where you are questioning your scent? It’s time to go clean up a little and take a break.

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Stay clean folks!

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