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Spinderella has reportedly filed a lawsuit against her longtime groupmates Salt-N-Pepa for fraud, breach of contract, and trademark infringement. 

DJ Spinderella, whose given name is Deidra Roper, claims that she was previously promised one-third of royalties earned with the iconic hip-hop group’s 1999 Best Of album, but the group’s DJ never got it, reports TMZ.

According to Spinderella, she also got cheated when S-N-P excluded her from a TV show that aired on VH1 about the group, who has been together for over 35 years. The show was about Salt-N-Pepa’s rise to fame.

Spin said that she was promised one-third of Salt-n-Pepa’s fee for the program–although she received an occasional guest spot, the DJ was given less than what she was promised, according to the lawsuit.

The legendary DJ also claimed that she wasn’t compensated in any capacity for their highly-raved performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

Spinderella, who expressed some of her grievances with Salt-N-Pepa on their reality TV show alongside R&B group SWV, Ladies Night, stated that she was told that her fellow groupmates garnered more than $600,000 in royalties in the last decade and that she hasn’t received an ounce of the same revenue.

Spinderella said back in May that she was removed from the group’s trek on the New Kids on the Block Mixtape Tour.

“In January 2019 I received a ‘termination’ email from #SaltnPepa excluding me from performances with the group,” the DJ wrote in an Instagram statement.

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