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Kids are expensive, we all know that. But this is not the way to raise funds for your soon to be baby in my opinion.

A woman recently took to Reddit to discuss what one of her friends did. The woman, who is a full-time student and works full time, was invited to a friend’s baby shower. The woman saved up money to purchase gifts for the shower. About a week before the shower was scheduled, the woman received a text from the mom-to-be saying that the baby shower was now going to be a gender reveal party. No biggie right?!

Well, the mom-to-be also told the woman that the gender reveals party would have a $20 entry fee. WHAT?! A cover charge for a gender reveal party? Yep. The woman told the mom-to-be that she really didn’t have an extra $20 since she spent her money on gifts for the shower. The mom-to-be told her that she couldn’t make an exception.

$20 fee? This ain’t a nightclub! Who does that?  Personally, I find this tacky. Especially since the mom-to-be was also having a shower at a later date, and expected gifts.

More details on the story here. People on Reddit seemed to agree that this was so not cool. What do you think?

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