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R. Kelly is apparently scared for his life in prison. The troubled singer reportedly fears retaliation from fellow inmates who are aware that he’s accused of raping underage girls.

The “Down Low” singer’s attorney, Nicole Blank Becker, told TMZ that during a recent visit with Kelly in federal prison, the embattled artist said that solitary confinement helps because he thinks that his life would be in serious danger if he was kept with the general population.

But although the singer believes that solitary would be better for him, his attorney said that it’s actually problematic because he won’t have anyone to support him. The singer and songwriter is illiterate and that makes even the most mundane task very hard, such as reading what’s on the commissary list, according to her.

He received a 13-count indictment in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois, which includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor, and obstruction of justice, U.S. attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick told The Associated Press.

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