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Apparently, Ari Lennox has a fan that is still in diapers.

That small fan has made hearts melt with his reaction to Lennox’s new video for her single “BMO.”

A Twitter user that goes by the name of Mama Jay (@jaylabrenae) shared a snippet of her son smiling excitedly after watching Lennox’s new video.

“My son really loves this music video. He’s used to hearing the song every day so I guess he’s glad to have a visual too lol,” she tweeted. “Meet your littlest fan @arilennox”

Her video that went viral even received a comment from Lennox herself.

“My heart is melting with love,” Lennox replied to Mama Jay. “He is so precious. Tell him thank you,” Lennox continued with a heart emoji.

The baby who is named Braylon got tons of comments regarding his cuteness. Check out a few of them below.



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