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The entire terminal came to the gates to watch Roy Knight, Jr. return home for the first time in 52 years.

When Bryan Knight was 5 years old, he said goodbye to his father at an airport in Dallas, Texas, just before he was sent off to the Vietnam War. That was the last time he would see his father alive.

A few months later, US Air Force Maj. Roy Knight Jr. went missing. The pilot was leading a flight of two A-1E aircraft on a strike mission when his jet was shot down on May 19, 1967.

He was declared deceased by the Air Force in September 1974.

Earlier this year, Bryan was informed that his father’s remains had been found.

Yesterday, Roy Knight, Jr. was flown back to the place where he last saw his little boy more than 50 years ago, Dallas Love Field Airport.

And get this… the pilot of the flight that brought Roy Knight, Jr. back was his son, Bryan.

“Our Southwest Airlines family is honored to support his long-hoped homecoming and join in tribute to Col. Knight as well as every other military hero who has paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces,” Southwest Airlines said in a statement to CNN.

Jackson Proskow was at the airport, waiting for his flight home when he heard a gate agent announce the arrival of Knight’s flight and shared the story on Twitter.

Simply amazing: