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You know that “thing” that you excel at?  That “thing” that others try but they just can’t do it as well as you.  You are happy when you are doing that “thing”.  You would do that “thing” everyday for the rest of your life for free and be perfectly fine.  That “thing” is your passion and it must be protected!

I have been blessed with an awesome tribe (that’s what I call my friends).  Last night I was out with my buddy Jemarion and we were talking about “passion” and how sometimes we begin to lose our love for our passion.  We talked about why that happened and realized that many times outside things interfere with the love we have for our passion.  When that happens we have to adjust!  Remember…

Your passion is a gift from God and must be protected at all cost!  Especially from people that see God in you and know that you are living in that purpose!  Get Rest because your work is not done!