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Eminem’s production company, Eight Mile Style, is about to go head to head with Spotify in a massive lawsuit.

They are claiming that the streaming service has infringed hundreds of songs copyrights. “Eight Mile accuses Spotify of willful copyright infringement by reproducing ‘Lose Yourself’ and about 250 of the rapper’s songs on its service to the tune of potentially billions of dollars in alleged damages,” The Hollywood Reporter explains.

They also add that Spotify has no license for Eminem’s songs, and they’ve been streaming them without compensating Eight Mile Style. The suit will target the Music Modernisation Act, which is a law that makes it easier for tech companies to get songwriters paid.

The Verge also adds that Eminem is not a party to the lawsuit. According to the rapper’s publicist, Eminem and his team are just as surprised as anyone else about what is going on.