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I am a kid at heart and one of my favorite things is the circus.  Specifically…..The Universoul Circus.  So when I heard it had touched down here in Charlotte, I decided I wanted to take “The Teen Next Door” (yes she is officially a teenager now) and my 2 Goddaughters.


We headed to the Old Eastland Mall to enjoy the show.  As we walked in I asked Veyah (she’s 3) what part of the circus she was most excited about.  She said “I dont know Jess, I dont know what a circus is”.  Her old sister, Aaliyah, immediately told me what she did NOT want to see and that was scary clowns.  (I blame “The Teen” for that.  She was messing with her in the car.)

I am happy to announce that there were no scary clowns.  Instead, we enjoyed Camels, Zebras, Puppies, Horses, Laughter, and the Best Dancing Clowns I have ever seen.  The show was great and Veyah immediately went home and told her mom and dad all about it!


If you have a chance, grap your family and go to the Universoul Circus.  You will definately have a great time!