It seems like nowadays exotic animals are all the rage…in the home. And yes, people really do have pets like alligators and lions as pets. I wouldn’t recommend bringing any of these into your abode unless you are a trained professional. Now check out our list of five of the craziest animals people have as pets.

1. Grizzley Bear Pals with Casey and Brutus! Brutus has become a big furry family member. You can see more on their bromance here.

2.Hippo for the win! Jessica the Hippopotamus was found in distress on the riverbank behind their South African property by Tonie and Shirley Joubert. They now call her a pet. What a cutie!

3. Lion King better watch out for Bryan Hawn and his pet hyena, Jake. After moving, Jake eventually moved to a wildlife sanctuary. However, his dad still comes to say happy birthday. Check out the video below to see the sweet reaction. (Warning its a tear-jerker)

4. Stinky-stinky you ant a pet skunk? This guy has a pet skunk named Gizmo and he even gets to sleep in the bed with him. He plays with toys, loves peanut nutter and yes, he is naughty. They are only legal in seventeen states and North Carolina is not one.

5.Pumpkin…get out the trash can. This is the story of a rescued Bahamian raccoon called Pumpkin who is the happiest of pets. He apparently really likes blueberries. You can have a pet raccoon, but they are 100% wild animals and high maintenance.

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