While there were former & current cast members from the hit TV show Wild N Out that hit the stage at the McGlohon Theater on Saturday Aug 31 that’s not the real story. The story is the love and support that Charlotte and the surrounding areas showed by showing up to the show.  Being independent doesn’t just pertain to music, being independent means to do it on your own and that’s the mentality that I had in putting this show together. I didn’t rely on a lot of investors, sponsors, or outside vendors to help out financially with this show I did it on my own. Sometimes we’re afraid to step out on faith and do it ourselves but I wanted this show to be an example for everyone out there that you can do it. The response and the turnout far exceeded my expectations for a theater show. Darren “Big Baby” Brand Hit the stage a million miles per hour and never took his foot off of the gas, Tyler Chronicles who hosted the show introduced his style of funny to Charlotte from beginning to end by literally laying it all out on the stage every time he touched the microphone. The breakout performance of the night was my girl Erica Duchess from Atlanta she was HILARIOUS, I mean people were telling her to stop because their stomachs were hurting so bad from laughing. Lovely Mimi from love & hip hop ATL & Wildn Out also came and graced the Queen City with her presence. The moral to the story is you can do it on your own as long as you are determined and focused to do it.