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Sunday Morning Text Convo with my best friend, Keesha…..

9:20am Keesha: WYD
9:27am Ms. Jessica: Just waking up. What’s wrong?
9:29am Keesha: Get Up, put on some old clothes and meet Me and Tiff to ride ATVs.
10am Ms. Jessica: We are in the car. See y’all soon!

3 hours later, I am at Bosco Beach and ATV Park in Goldsboro, NC thinking to myself, what in the world have I gotten myself into?!  I don’t know anything about ATVs or 4 wheelers.  “The Guy”, on the other hand, this is right up his alley.  After a quick tutorial, I am ready to go.

Ms. Jessica and friends Keesha & Tiffany

We ride through the trails (imagine lots of trees and mud), hit the racetrack, I even learned how to do doughnuts.  That is when everything went wrong!

Keesha and I had just finished racing and I decided to get fancy and hit a doughnut at the end of the track.  My doughnut performance was A+ or so I thought.  I flipped the ATV yall!


Thank God we were ok and only came out with a couple bruises.  Oh and…I am SORE!!!  I’ll stick to Krispy Kreme and Dunkin for my doughnuts.  At least we got some cute pictures!!

ATV – 1

Ms. Jessica – 0