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Charlotte America, for the first time in the Queen City, WWE will be bringing the pay per view “Clash of Champions” to the Spectrum Arena. I WILL BE THERE. Anytime any wrestling event comes to Charlotte Burpie will be there. I want to see what surprise superstars will show up, what legends will be in the building. I grew up watching Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, etc. The 6-year-old in me hopes that any one of them show up just to relive those moments.

I’m such wrestling I have the Burpettes obsessed with all of the wrestlers now not only the female stars. Except for this time I won’t take my daughters 1 because it’s a school night and 2 when I have my kids by myself they want too much attention and I can’t focus on the wrestling the way I need to. lol

What event has never come to the queen city that you all want to go to?