Dope Art Monday is a day where I showcase some of the city’s dopest artist.  Charlotte is a growing city with a lot of talent from abstract to clay models.

Back in April the Knight Foundation’s new Celebrate Charlotte Arts grant, which offered a share of up to $200,000 for ideas by and for residents of Charlotte that capture the essence of the city.

Each artist tells a different story to contribute to the birth and life of Charlotte.

This week artist goes to Charlotte’s own Ty McBride
“I love creating art that speaks to the heart and evokes thought. Wether it takes you back to a different time or inspires you to think about what the future will entail, that is what I create. I really enjoy creating things for kids. I believe that they need to see positivity around them in order to help them believe that they can be absolutely anything and encourage them to have an impact on the world around them.”
Visit Ty McBride at: