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If you’re a Hip-Hop fan then Netflix’s “A Tale of Two Coasts” is a must-see. The 37-minute long documentary features Tupac Shakur’s rise and unfortunate demise at a time with Hip-Hop was at its most volatile.

Featuring commentary from Angie Martinez, who was a Hot 97 personality at the time and Leila Steinberg, Tupac’s poetry teacher who became very close to the rapper, allowing him to live with her for a short time.

Other commentaries from Shock G of Digital Underground and childhood friend and Outlawz member, EDI Mean describe their feelings after the death of Tupac.

Although much of the information in the documentary has been heard before, Angie Martinez mentions an interview she had with Tupac that she still hasn’t released.

Journeys are to be documented while creating life-long friendships along the way!