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My wonderful friends, The Bates, have 4 beautiful children.  The oldest recently turned 16 years old & his parents got him something very special.  Check out what his dad said about the gift on FB.

“In my family we are big on creating memories over solely purchasing material things, and my son LOVES fishing just as much as Basketball. So we decided it would be awesome to get him his own personal fishing boat. We are excited about early mornings out on the water with our guy creating life long memories.”

I LOVE this (and Lil Tyson, Happy Birthday Sweetie) so I decided to create a memory for my birthday.

Lil Tyson with his Birthday Present.

I went Skydiving!  No, skydiving isn’t on my bucket list.  To be honest, I don’t even have a bucket list.  But I do have a daring and adventurous older brother that went skydiving while I was in college and I always thought, “I want to do that too!”

Here’s my brother ziplining somewhere. Not sure where tho, probably Africa or the rainforest. I can’t keep up with his adventures.

“The Guy”, “The Teen Next Door”, one of my best friends Mr. J, and I all hopped in the car on Sunday Morning headed to Salisbury so I could Skydive.  When I got there, I signed my waivers (there were A LOT of waivers) and met Josh.  He greeted me with a smile and told me that he had been jumping for about 6 DAYS!  I immediately asked for someone else.  He laughed and said he was just playing.  He had actually been jumping for over 16 years.  He told me they average about 10 jumps a day and I was lucky #3 for him.  Josh strapped me in, explained the process, and we got on the plane.  <<Insert Panic Mode>>

There were about 12 of us on board.  (I’m not exactly sure about that number.  I was too nervous to count but 12 sounds about right, so we’re gonna go with 12).  I asked to go 1st which meant that I was right at the front of the plane by the door which remained open for the majority of the ride.  We went to an altitude of 13,000 feet.  THIRTEEN THOUSAND YALL!  And it felt like it took us forever to get there.  My leg was shaking the entire time.  Finally, Josh leaned forward and said, “Let’s Go.”  <<Insert Panic Mode Again>>

We walked toward the edge of the plane and before I knew it, I WAS FLYING and it was AMAZING!!!  All of God’s magnificent work right under me.  We fell for about 1 minute, then Josh released the parachute and we soared for about another 4 minutes.  I don’t think I closed my eyes once.  I wanted to take it ALL in!


Even though I enjoyed every minute of being in the air, I was happy when we landed and my feet were back on solid ground.  Was I nervous….YES!  Would I do it again…YES!  I have decided that this new chapter in “The Book of Jessica” will include lots of new experiences and memories starting with Skydiving.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!