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Can I get $20 on pump 1 and a chicken sandwich?  Don’t be fooled by the gas pumps outside but the best chicken sandwich in Charlotte isn’t from Popeye’s it’s at the Shell gas station located on the corner of South blvd and East blvd.  You can get the jumbo chicken and/or the regular chicken with a side of potato wedges, something green, mashed potatoes, or cole slaw.  While everyone was in a frenzy trying to get that other chicken sandwich. I was at this gas station ordering a sandwich that doesn’t have any specific ingredients to make it taste a certain way, it’s just cooked by a woman working in the back who knows how to throw down in the kitchen. The best part of the sandwich is the bread that’s used. It’s not a “bun” that the fancy fast food restaurants use, it’s just a regular piece of wonder bread that your momma used to put in your lunch box in elementary school.  If you live in the Charlotte area and you have never had the chicken from this gas station then visit there just one time, taste, the chicken, and let me know what you think.