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Have you ever fell asleep at work? Hmmm, think about it and the survey says … that 61 percent of Americans have fallen asleep on the job. Compared to about 30-34 percent of other countries who have surveyed their workers.  Many believe that America is the laziest country on earth. Well with employees sleeping on the job that doesn’t help to dispel the belief. There are various reasons that employees have given for sleeping on the job which includes a long night of partying, kids wouldn’t go to sleep, and my favorite I stayed up watching my favorite tv show.

All in all, it boils down to one thing: lack of respect for the employer. All I can say is three things: don’t get caught slipping, put some respect on your employer, and last but not least STOP PLAYING WITH THEM WHITE FOLKS MONEY‼️‼️ Stay up.. no pun intended…????