A Pineville woman in connection to a drone found near a Virginia prison is in trouble with the law this morning. After her drone that was carrying drugs and a cell phone crashed trying to make a drop off near a prison.

After the drone crashed, investigators found it on a nearby road carrying a package with marijuana, cocaine, a cell phone, and a cell phone plan. According to court records, the Pineville woman was the significant other of an inmate at the Virginia prison.

“A cell phone is giving an inmate a weapon of mass destruction,” said Robert Johnson, a former corrections captain. Johnson knows the danger firsthand. He nearly died after a South Carolina inmate ordered a hit on him. “He can call up his buddy, transfer the $6,000 that they paid to shoot me using that cell phone,” Johnson said.

In another case, a convicted sex offender friended woman on Facebook while in his prison cell using a cell phone. NBC Charlotte talked to Deputy Solicitor Willy Thompson about the problem of inmates getting their hands on cell phones in South Carolina. “I think as a society in general, you have to wonder, why can’t we control this?” said Thompson.

Now South Carolina leaders are trying to take action. A spokeswoman for the South Carolina Department of Corrections tells NBC Charlotte that a field test at Broad River Prison earlier this year showed cell phone jamming technology was effective.

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